RIMS Canary Islands

At Rims, we know that you also ride in the Canary Islands and, for that, we maintain the same dialogue as on the peninsula.

That is why Rims Canary Islands emerged, with an office and permanent fleet on the islands to assist you in all your service, series and film projects.

Van rental service 24 hours a day.

Pick up the van in our parking lot 24/7, or wherever you prefer: Set, office, hotel, airport, home…

Events where you can hire us

Do you need vans to transport your events and productions? RIMS Mobility provides them to you.

Book your van

Simple and uncomplicated process.
Reserve your vans and accessories through email, phone or WhatsApp. We deliver the vans wherever it best suits you, or in our parking lot 24/7. When you make the return, we check that everything is in order and we send you the corresponding invoices.

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