General conditions

1. Use of the vehicle

The lessee acknowledges that he receives the vehicle in perfect mechanical condition, provided with the necessary documentation, tire or appropriate accessory, undertakes to keep it in good condition, to drive it in compliance with the current regulations of the highway code of this country, and also undertakes to:

a) Not transport people or merchandise or dedicate it to any type of activity when this implies directly or indirectly subletting the vehicle. Do not allow other people to drive it other than those who are expressly authorized on the front of the contract and himself.

b) Do not drive the vehicle in inferior physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness, etc. Do not participate with the vehicle in races or other sports events.

c) Not manipulating mechanical elements, such as seals, etc., and must notify IGLU AUTOMOTIVE S.L of any anomaly or breakdown found.

d) Do not carry more passengers than the laws establish and the vehicle manufacturer expresses, according to documentation.

e) To have the vehicle properly parked and guarded when not in use. During long trips to the landlord’s area, it will protect him from the prevailing weather, such as frost, etc.

f) To return it at the place and time indicated on the front, any alteration must be previously authorized by IGLU AUTOMOTIVE S.L. Failure to comply with this condition entitles IGLU AUTOMOTIVE to take charge of the vehicle or to require it judicially, and suspend the application of the initially contracted rate, as well as the loss of the deposit.

g) Do not remove the vehicle from Spanish territory, without express authorization and contracting international insurance with, IGLU AUTOMOTIVE S.L.

2. Rental charges

The lessee agrees to pay, in addition to the vehicle rental charges and taxes, those caused by the loss of documents (valued at €300.00), tires and accessories, as well as all types of fines and legal expenses caused by traffic violations. and failure to comply with laws, regulations or ordinances by the renter or by any of the persons authorized to drive the vehicle. Most current credit cards are accepted as payment, and in any case the amount that the company freely sets for each rental will be paid in advance as a deposit. €30.00 will be charged for washing the vehicle, if the delivery of the vehicle does not correspond to the state at the time of collection. Any financial incident, whether due to damages or other sections of this contract, will be automatically charged to the customer card. The client accepts that this is done and authorizes a charge to be made with the amount that the company determines, as a deposit for the subsequent appraisal (30 days after the return of the vehicle) or settlement of the contract. The management of notification of fines is charged at €31. The client has 60 minutes of courtesy at no additional charge when returning the vehicle; after this time, the full day will be charged. Failure to comply with any point of this contract will imply the total loss of the deposit, not being exclusive of any other charge.

3. Insurance

The insurance arranged with IGLU AUTOMOTIVE covers the lessee and drivers authorized by this contract against civil liability (damages to third parties) for the amount established by law. Third parties will not be considered, for insurance purposes, the assets of the spouse, ascendants, descendants, siblings or relatives of the lessee or authorized driver, as well as their partners or people who have them in a salary or dependency relationship.

Loss, theft or damage caused to goods or objects transported in the rented vehicle are expressly excluded from the insurance. The liability of the lessee with respect to damage caused to the leased vehicle is fully covered in cases of theft and fire and limited to the amount that appears as an excess in the current rate in the event of an accident. This deductible amount will be computed per incident occurred during the rental period, and not per contract, regardless of the duration of said period.

CPD: it is not insurance, it is extra coverage, contracted at a premium.

4. Accidents

The lessee agrees to:

Communicate immediately before 24 hours of any accident to IGLU AUTOMOTIVE and transmit any letters that refer to the accident immediately to collaborate with IGLU AUTOMOTIVE and the insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claim and process. The lessee is obliged to take the following measures:

a) Obtain complete data from the opposing party, which together with the details of the accident (how it occurred, place, date, time, etc.) will be sent urgently to IGLU AUTOMOTIVE by telephone in serious cases.

b) Not recognizing or prejudging responsibility for the fact.

c) Demand the presence of the authority if the opposing party is guilty.

5. Repairs and maintenance

IGLU AUTOMOTIVE’s responsibility is declared to have taken due precautions to avoid mechanical failures of the leased vehicle, but if they occur, it does not assume any responsibility for any damages that may be directly or indirectly caused to the lessee for such reasons. In the event of a breakdown, the lessee must call the Mercedes Benz Road Assistance telephone number:

00800 3 7777777, or go to the nearest official service. IGLU AUTOMOTIVE S.L. In the case of roadside assistance abroad, responsibility is only taken in the territories where the vehicle manufacturer covers the service, with said roadside assistance being the customer’s responsibility, having to assume its cost.

6. Hiring

Both drivers of the vehicle and the person or company contracting it will be jointly and severally responsible for the contract signed in its entirety, both in the payment section and for damages to the vehicle, fines, etc. As well as any liability derived from said contract. The lessor will not be responsible for mechanical failures of the vehicle or damages resulting from such failures, nor is it responsible for expenses, delays or damages in any way produced, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of such failures or breakdowns.

7. Jurisdiction

The client, regardless of his nationality, declares that he has read all the conditions of the contract and for all issues that may arise from the application of the above rules and expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid and Spanish legislation.

8. Replacement

The replacement of the vehicle will only occur in the event of a breakdown or accident beyond the control of the lessee and as long as it is not due to the lessee’s negligence. The coverage of the replacement vehicle will be expressly contracted at a surcharge and IGLU AUTOMOTIVE S.L will not be responsible for any damage caused by these concepts. This replacement will only be carried out with vehicles rented within the peninsula and never outside the peninsula or in the rest of the countries of the European Union.

9. Transport Rules

The lessee agrees to comply with the transport regulations in force in the country of use of the vehicle.

10. Rest of Conditions

The lessee will be responsible in all cases for any expenses caused by the immobilization of the vehicles, regardless of the cause that motivates it. Being expressly notified at this time and authorizing the charging of your card or any other means of payment, for any amount derived from this conduct. In the event of a lack of funds, the leasing party may choose to terminate the contract with the loss of guarantees and deposits constituted by the lessee and without prejudice to the leasing party exercising, in addition to civil actions, the criminal actions stipulated in the truthfulness clause signed in this contract.

The rest of the available conditions, already reviewed, can be found in the contracting offices.

11. Insurance Exemptions

The roofs or caps of vehicles are not covered by insurance in the event of reckless entry into garages, tunnels or carports of insufficient height. Punctures, breakage (total or partial) of rims, tires, accessories and documents, are the responsibility of the lessee. In accidents caused off the paved road, vehicle damage is not covered even if property damage insurance has been contracted. The insurance does not cover when the vehicle travels on unpaved roads, nor when the driver exceeds the alcohol level permitted by law. The hoods of SUVs are not covered by any insurance. Towing services, as well as any breakdown that occurs in the countryside or unpaved roads, are not covered and are the responsibility of the person or company that rents the vehicle. All charges that must be made for the concepts indicated in this contract will be made on the credit card, or on the account indicated by the client.

12. Damage

Category A: €300, puncture, side cut on tire, broken or missing mirror glass, brushes, impact on sheet metal less than 10cm that DOES NOT break paint, door handles, excessive professional cleaning due to vomiting, chewing gum, etc. non-limiting indicative description , front glass broken.

Category B: €600: missing front window, disappearance of emergency triangles, vests, tools and vehicle documentation, disappearance of vehicle lettering (not exempted by the CPD), broken or lost keys (not exempted by the CPD) , breakage of the vehicle’s headlights or pilot lights, or their disappearance, burns on the upholstery or interior of the vehicle (the CPD does not exempt this), damage to the interior of the vehicle, damaged or missing radio, dent in one or more panels measuring more than 10cm diameter or 5 cm long that breaks paint, multiple points of category A.

Category C: €1,800: structural damage to the vehicle, three or more points from previous categories, incorrect refueling (not exempted by the CPD), damage to the underside of the vehicle, damage to the raised roofs of the vehicles (not exempted by the CPD). ) THE TOTAL LOSS OF THE VEHICLE WILL BE RATED WITH THE MARKETING VALUE OF THE VEHICLE. Vehicles that are observed to have been used on the track, in which the tires show deterioration, deformation, etc. in the place of wear due to use, this franchise will be applied to them and the CPD will not apply.

TRUTHFUL CLAUSE: The lessee will be responsible in any case for the accuracy, veracity and authenticity of the identification data provided to the company, being responsible for communicating any modification thereto, and in any case the company will be exempt from any liability derived from the inveracity of the data. data provided.Likewise, both parties expressly agree that the company reserves the right to exclude from the contracted services the lessee who has provided false identification or has provided documentation that includes false identification data. In these cases, the tenant is expressly warned that his conduct will be considered constitutive of the crime of fraud provided for and punishable in articles 248 et seq. of the Penal Code when, in addition to having provided false identification or having provided false documentation, he does not provide the vehicle at the disposal of the company on the agreed date, and that for this reason the criminal actions that may be appropriate in each case will be filed. For security and control reasons, the vehicle may carry monitoring devices.


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